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Sealing your pavers is less about maintenance and more about aesthetics. Unlock concrete pavers don’t require regular sealing — they are designed to provide homeowners with long-lasting, maintenance-free, beautiful surfaces for years to come. For those who decide to take this optional step, resealing has to be done every three to five years or so, but many find it worth the effort to maintain color vibrancy and prevent staining. It can achieve that just-finished look, years after the installation is over and you’ve done that first walk-through over your pristine pavers. Proper sealing can help preserve that appearance, frozen in time, for years to come.

Unlock pavers are made to last. They’re manufactured to be weather-resistant, UV-resistant, and they will retain their beauty year after year. But foot traffic, heavy freeze-thaw cycles, and acidic precipitation can affect the surface appearance of pavers. After all, weather carved some of the most magnificent rock formations in nature, and even though your pavers are manufactured with built-in resistance, that extra layer of protection can help reduce the appearance of fading and repel stains.

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